Phi Hua To Cave or Big-headed Ghost Cave

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8°22'46.5"N 98°41'41.7"E
8.379579, 98.694906

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Formation of the cave dates to the Carboniferous and Permian period of the Paleozoic era, about 230-340 million years ago. The floor of the cave is made from numerous shells pressed together. According to legend, a huge human skull was found here. This fact, as well as related prehistoric drawings, gave the cave its name Big-headed Ghost Cave.

70 rock paintings depict people, animals, and other strange creatures. The drawings are about 3000 years old. The authorship is attributed to a prehistoric tribe of sea Gypsies called Chan Chao Nam. Natural ingredients were used to make the paint, for example, rubber and animal blood were mixed to produce a red color.

! Directions: from the Thasai restaurant head East on highway 4, 415, 4, 4039, continue straight at the traffic light until highway 4012, then follow signs.

Canoe 2 pax: 300 thb/hour
Boat 8 pax: 400 thb/hour

Phi Hua To Cave or Big-headed Ghost Cave