Car rental in Phuket — terms and conditions

Read following information before begin your journey. We collected most often questions from travelers. If you can not find information you need please contact us by email

Preparing and reservation

We recommend you to make advance booking, in this case you have more choice and can be sure that get a car that you looking for. But if you are already in Phuket and suddenly decided to rent a car than you always can contact us by phone and we will find car for you.
Fill up the booking form on main page. We ask for an advance payment for long-distance bookings (from 1 month) and for peak dates. In return we ask to make reservation only when you already sure and inform us in advance in case of any changes.

Our service policy first-come, first-served and provide newest car to first-come. But we can not guarantee 100% make, color, year, mileage, provide photo of the car and others narrow parameters, because can not avoid force majeure circumstances.

For example: car is out of order, in this case we will:

  1. Try to provide another car in same class;
  2. Try to provide another car from higher class with out extra charge;
  3. Try to provide another car from lower class with refund;
  4. Try to provide another car from partners;
  5. Will have to cancel order and make refund for unused days if you already paid.

Bu any way we will do our best to provide the exac car that was reserved. All cars in fleer are in good conditions because we provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

You will need:

  • Original and copy of passport;
  • Original and copy of driver's license;
  • Security deposit for small/middle size cars 200 USD or 200 EUR or 5000 THB.
  • Security deposit for big cars (SUV, Pickup) 300 USD or 300 EUR or 10000 THB.

We don’t keep original documents.

You will need domestic permit plus according international permit.

Car delivery and making agreement

You can not rent or drive a car with copy of you driver's license. Be noted since august 2018 maximum fee in case of driving a car with out license is 50 000 THB.

Standard working hours Mon-Sat, 10:00 – 18:00. In case you need delivery/pick up in other time there are two options:

Car will be delivered/collected in the same day in nearest working hours or on a next day.

On arrival:
— Driver meet you at airport and bring to hotel;
— We deliver car at the same day in working hours or next day.

On departure:
— You return car in working hours
— At t he same day or next day driver send you to the airport.

In case you rent car for more that 10 days you can get special price for transfer (one way) – 1000 THB day time, 1200 THB night time (21:00-06:00). Otherwise 1450 or 1650 THB respectively

This option is available on request and need to be confirmed with delivery staff. In this case you pay extra in addition to standard delivery/pick up price if any.

Extra charge for deliver/return according time:
07:00-10:00, 18:00-22:00 = 500 THB
22:01-06:59 = not available

Phuket Drive thai staff will deliver the car to you. He already know the procedure and will help you. Agreement is maid in two languages English and Thai. Also we provide safety instructions. In case of any questions Phuket Drive staff will contact office or you can contact by yourself anytime by phone +66 660 600 699 (whatsapp, viber, line).

On Delivery Phuket Drive staff will help you to fill up rental agreement:
- Write all damages if any;
- Write gasoline level;
- Write deposit and rental fee amounts.

You will get 1 copy of agreement.

On pick up date Phuket Drive staff will compare car condition and car gasoline level with original agreement.

Car will be delivered with full or almost full tank of gasoline. Gasoline level will be noted in rental agreement. On last day you need to return car with same level of gasoline or pay for deficient amount according price of full tank mentioned in agreement.
In case you would like to pay in currency other then thai baht exchange rate will be according with website

Yes, but you need to inform us in advance if you would like to pay by card. If you pay by card 3% will be charged extra.

We accept: VISA, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay, DinnersClub.

Yes it also possible, but you need to inform us in advance. Security deposit will be cancelled with in a few days after you return the car.

During rental

Phuket Drive cars are provided with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) which includes:
— Third party liability coverage;
— Damage coverage on rental vehicle with excess amount of minimum 2,000 THB and maximum 10,000 THB (approx. 66-330 $) for 1st group and 4,000–20,000 THB (approx. 132-660 $) accordingly for 2nd group when renter is at fault or could not identify the third party involved in any accident damage;
— Medical expences for driver, passenger and third party;
— Loss or theft with fixed excess 20,000 THB (approx. 660 $)for 1st group and 30 000 THB (approx. 1000 $) for 2nd group.

1 group: S, SM, M, ML classes – Honda Jazz/City, Toyota Vios/Yaris, Chevrolet Aveo, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Brio, Toyota Avanza etc.
2 group: L, XL classes – Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Camry, Ford Ranger etc.

Insurance coverage

Compulsory insurance
Third partyMaximum coverage
Body inguries50 000 THB per person
In case of death or permanent dysfunction100 000 THB per person
For driver and passengersMaximum coverage
Body injuries15 000 THB per person
In case of death35 000 THB per person
1st class insurance
Third partyMaximum coverage
In case of body injuries or death, within10 000 000 THB per accident
1 000 000 THB per person
Property2 500 000 THB per accident
For driver and passengersMaximum coverage
In case of death or permanent dysfunction:
1. Driver
2. Passengers
3. Bail
1. 100 000 THB per person
2. 200 000 THB per person
3. 300 000 THB per accident
Car repairingMaximum coverage
S class 350 000 THB
M class500 000 THB
L class1 000 000 THB

Insurance do not cover moral compensation for third party when renter is at fault. This question must be solved between renter and injured person.

Can not. We use insurance only with deductible. In most cases it is more advantageous because you don’t need to pay extra for rent. We don’t use zero deductible because as experience has shown it deprives drivers of caution. If accident is doesn’t happened by your fault you will get full deposit back when return car.

For cars

Absence of driver's licence — maximum from year 2018 50 000 THB.
Unfastened seat belt — 400 THB.

For bikes

No helmet — up to 500 THB бат, for driver and passenger.
Passenger with out helmet — up to 1000 THB<./p>


Talking on mobile while driving - 400 THB.
Wrong parking — 400 THB.
Red light — 1000 THB.

If your car have been locked for wrong parking you need to take traffic tickets and pay fine in nearest police station.

  1. Contact Phuket Drive office +66 660 600 699.
  2. Make photo/video recording of accident site
  3. Do not move car until policeman or insurance officer will let you do that. If car block traffic you can move it but only if you made photo/video recording.
  4. Smile, it does work here!

Yes it possible, you need to contact office and check if car is available.

In case you need to continue rental period for 1-2 days, payment for extra period will be collected on last day.

In case you need to continue rental period for 3 days and more our staff will meet you at the last day of current rental period and collect payment for new period.

Yes you can, cancelation policy:

  • Cancellation maid more than 2 days (48 hrs) in advance - full refund for unused days.
  • Cancellation maid less then 2 days (48 hrs) in advance - 1 day rental fee charge.
  • Cancellation maid less then 1 day in advance (24 hrs) - 2 days rental fee charge.

Cancelation request can be accepted during working hour 10:00-18:00. In case cancellation reques was sent after working hour we will consider it accepted from nearest working time.

In case you rent a car for long period and get discount, but after cancelation you period shorten enough to lose the discount, than before refund rental payment will be recalculated at the new price with out that discount.

Cancellation request should be sent in writing to Phuket Drive contact number +66 660 600 699 by any messenger WhatsApp, Viber, Line or to email

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