Phung Chang Cave

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8°26'33.9"N 98°30'56.6"E
8.442744, 98.515712

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This is what we gathered from local guides and information signs. The Cave is located inside the Elephant hill and has two entrances, one on the East and one on the West. The one on the East side is not in use at this time. There are many stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes that resemble various animals. Some parts of Cave’s walls are covered with sparkling crystals. There is a stream running through the cave all year round. The length of the Cave is about 1200 m. According to legend, a farmer by the name Yomdung used to live on this land. One year his crops were trampled by a herd of wild elephants. The angry and frustrated farmer armed himself with a spear and went in pursuit of the herd. When he encountered an elephant that belonged to another farmer Yomdung mistook it for one of the wild herd and struck the spear in its belly. Then Yomdung cut off the tusks of the innocent animal. The dead elephant became the Elephant hill and the speared belly became the Cave.The Cave was discovered in 2000 and Thais spend 200 000 baht to build a park around it.

The hill indeed resembles a laying elephant. You can clearly see the shape of an elephant trunk, its head, back, and legs. It takes one hour and 500 baht for a guide to explore the cave. The guide will take to the end of the cave and show you different crystals shaped like elephants, crocodiles, birds, mushrooms, etc. That demonstrates that cave explorers had a very good imagination. Some of the crystals are simply striking in their originality. Part of the journey inside the cave you will be traveling by a kayak, its narrow part - by a raft and another part - on foot (water can be knee deep).

!Directions: from the Monkey Temple head North on highway 4. It is located 150m from the cross roads heading toward Phang Nga. On your left you will see a sculpture of an elephant and a farmer with a spear.

Phung Chang Cave