Sa Morakot – Crystal Pond

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until 17:00

200 THB

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There are 2 routes leading to the Emerald Pool, one is wide gravel path 800 m long and another is a nature trail 1400 m long.

A sign says: Sa Marakot or emerald lake is a pool fed by hot springs, 25 m in diameter, 1-2 m deep and the water temperature is 30-50 degrees C. It is likely that this is the water temperature before it reaches the surface because the water in the lake is slightly cool. The water flows into the lake from porous rocky layers and through cracks in the stone at the bottom. Bacteria and algae living in the pool, along with high temperature tint it with different hues. Water is greenish-blue in the places where the temperature is higher and pale green where the temperature is lower.

The lake is indeed very beautiful, One shore is sloping and rocky and another is overgrown with trees. The yellowish color of the stones at the edges is caused by deposits of calcium carbonate on its surface which makes them very slippery. Please, be careful while getting in or out.

500 meters upstream there is another lake with blue water. The path to it passes through a mystical landscape, over wooden bridges, and through the jungle.

Directions: 2 km from the hot springs described above.

Parking: 20 THB

Sa Morakot – Crystal Pond