Wat Tham Suea or Tiger Cave

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8°07'30.9"N 98°55'28.3"E
8.125256, 98.924537

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The sign at the entrance says this is a place for meditation. Founded in 1975 by a monk Chamnian Silsetso, known for his knowledge in teachings of Vipassana in 1975 (Note: Vipassana — means to see things as they really are. www.dhamma.org). It is believed that in one of the caves used to live a leopard (not a tiger as the name suggests).

This is a large complex. At the entrance, you will find a small shop. It is better to buy food on the way out otherwise furry tailed inhabitants won’t leave you alone.

The entrance to the Tiger cave is immediate to the left along the cliff. There is a structure built in front of the rock for meditation and meetings with the monks. To enter the cave you need to walk through this structure. Inside you will find a footprint of the Buddha, where you can leave a coin and make a wish.

Going further along the road deep into the complex, on the left side, you will see two paths to the mountains. The first leads to the top of the mountain (1237 steps), the second to the "old" forest.

There are 1237 steps leading to the top of this 600 feet high mountain. It's not an easy walk. The steps are narrow and steep. In some places stair risers are up to 40 cm high, you have to use your hands to help yourself. To keep you occupied this 25-30 min, this is how long it takes to get to the summit, columns are installed along the staircase at the edge that show you how many steps you have ascended. Once you get to the top you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Also, cold drinking water is available there.
One day on the way up I passed an old Thai man. He got to the top only 10 minutes behind me. He was 72 years old! This is for those of you who after reading this decided not to climb to the top.

Old forest: once you get over a small hill you get to the forest, it is truly a forest, not a jungle. The walk is easy here, there are many different paths. If you take the far left footpath it will lead you back in a circle to the starting point. On the way, there are a few caves with rock paintings. People come here to enjoy the silence. The trees are tropical with large and wide buttress roots. The largest tree I found was about 9 meters wide at its foundation! Standing next to that tree it was hard to believe that it was a living thing. It felt like I was leaning against a rock. The temperature in the forest is cool so that 20-minute walk around the circle is not tiring.

In the middle of the complex, before the staircase to the summit or in front of the Tiger cave, you will find monks and nuns. If you approach with a smile and ask they will tie a braided bracelet to your wrist, blessed for good luck. Make a wish or they themselves often wish for foreigners a lot of money, do not say “No”.

! Directions: from Krabi head East on highway 4, before you reach Big C supermarket turn left onto highway 6017, follow the road for 2 km.

Wat Tham Suea or Tiger Cave