Suwanna Khuha Monkey Temple

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17°36'28.5"N 102°16'57.0"E
17.607907, 102.282507

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The path to the temple and the statue of reclining Buddha is “guarded” by dozens of monkeys. But you can bribe them with bananas. These furry creatures are not shy and will steal your food given a chance. Keep a firm grip on your belongings. Once you pass the first domed section of the cave you end up in the second part where there are many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. You can climb to the top of the cave, but be careful – the path is slippery.

In the middle of the first section sometimes you can find a monk who if asked will tie a string around your wrist that will serve you as a protective amulet.

! Directions: from Phuket head towards Phang Nga on highway 402, then turn onto highway 4 before you reach Phang Nga.

Suwanna Khuha Monkey Temple