Hin Ngam Island, เกาะหินงาม

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6°30'54.0"N 99°15'44.8"E

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There are many small islands around Koh Lipe that you can explore by hiring a boat. You can stop at one of them to enjoy a deserted beach or go fishing and snorkeling.

The most impressive island of them all is Hin Ngam. What is unique about it is that it is covered with shiny black rocks. You can spend hours playing with them but stones are not to be removed from the island. It is believed that if you take even one small stone it will bring misfortune into your life until you return it back to the island.

The flat shape of stones is good for building towers or pyramids and many visitors do that. Lay down on your belly and look toward the horizon and you will see a mysterious city of stone towers.

!Bring your own snorkel and mask or rent them at the hotel before the trip.

Hin Ngam Island, เกาะหินงาม