Ko Muk Island and Tham Morakot Cave, เกาะมุก-ถ้ำมรกต

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7°22'17.0"N 99°17'52.7"E
7.371388, 99.297982

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In reality, the cave is a passage under the island of Muk, which leads to the inner lagoon. Many visitors tend to rush as they think they have already seen similar caves on the trip to James Bond Island.

Please, don’t, take your time. On this trip, the boatman will drop you into the water at the cave, and you will need to swim to the inner lagoon. You will need to swim for about 80 m. through the dark passage with a flashlight.

It is indeed an unforgettable experience! The sun shines through the opening and illuminates the first grotto. Its reflection is giving the water a gorgeous emerald color. But sunlight does not penetrate further than 10 m. Further into the tunnel, the only source of light you will have is your guide’s flashlight. The lagoon is untouched, sunny and clear. The whole experience makes you feel like a lucky discoverer.

The passage is not accessible at high tide. The water level should be no more than 2.5 m. We advise you to check the tide table in advance at the following sites: www.navy.mi.th or www.saltwater-dreaming.com, on the map choose Pak Nam Trang.

! Keep in mind that from May to October the wind blows from the sea and creates waves at the entrance to the cave. Please, be careful and do not risk it. A long-tail boat can be hired from the Pak Meng Pier ท่าเรือปากเมง, N07°30,444', E99°18,738'

Ko Muk Island and Tham Morakot Cave, เกาะมุก-ถ้ำมรกต