Elephants are sacred animals in Thailand

An elephant is a national symbol of the country. Elephants always helped humans to build, to fight and work with tourists. There is a law in Thailand that protects the rights of working elephants. Their workday is limited to 8 hours, they are entitled to medical care and retirement. Elephant day in Thailand is celebrated on March 13th. White elephants are worshiped in Thailand. Their status as a national animal and the symbol of the Royal power was established in 1963. These magnificent creatures live in luxury and are never put to work with the only exception is when they are used in royal ceremonies and festivities. All other elephants are often used in the tourist industry, to carry heavy loads and etc. Lately, there have been more elephant's camps established around the country where elephants don’t work, where you can stay with them, take care of them, feed them, bath them and simply enjoy them in their natural surroundings. One of such camps is Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Foto by Dikky Oesin

, updated 2019