Ao Railay

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8°00'47.8"N 98°50'13.6"E
8.013264, 98.837100

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Railay peninsula can only be reached by boat. On Railay West beach you can swim at high tide. There is a path that connects Railay West to Railay East. Railay East is not good for swimming, but it is a favorite spot for rock climbers. There are many climbing routes of different difficulty. You can rent equipment and hire an instructor.

Moving further along the coast to the South along the cliff you can walk to the southern part of the peninsula called Phranang, home to a cave that carries the same name. According to legend, the spirit of a woman called Phranang lives in the cave. One day her husband went fishing to sea, but a strong storm developed and he never returned. The woman remained faithful and waited for him all her life.

It is believed that if you want stability in family matters or if you want to have children or meet a man you need to make a special gift to the spirit of Pranang. This gift should be a phallus cut by you from a piece of wood. Locals also believe that even if you release such a gift into the sea anywhere in #Krabi, it will float toward the cave. Men also bring offerings in the form of flowers and food when they go fishing to ensure a safe return home and a good catch.

Walking on the path from East Railay to Phranang Beach you will see a trail to the viewpoint and to the inner lagoon. If you decide to go there please, note you will need to climb rocks, sometimes using a rope, therefore, wear appropriate shoes or go barefoot (the rocks are smooth).

! We do not recommend you to climb to the view point after the rain.

A one-way water taxi ride to the #AoRailay West beach and Phranang costs 100 baht per person. But you will need to wait until the boat has at least 8 passengers. A private transfer costs 800-1000 baht.

Ao Railay