Ron Khlong Thom Waterfall

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A 200-meter long path along the crystal clear stream leads to the stone bathtubs. However, it is better to go a little further, to the hot waterfall.
The waterfall consists of about 5 levels. Every level is like a small pool. There are signs that say: the water temperature is about 40 degrees C; mineral composition (mg/l) – lead is less than 0.0001, nitrogen 0.09, fluoride 1.09, copper is less than 0.0001. For health benefits, it is advised to spend 20 minutes in the water, but no longer than 20 min! What can be better for your tired feet and body after a climb than a hot bath? The water here is very clean; there are many natural ledges in the tubs, where you can get comfortable. The waterfall flows into the river where water is cool, perfect for contrast baths.

Go for a Thai massage by the river (50 m from the waterfall) and you will reach nirvana. Don’t forget to take some cash with you.

At the exit of the Park, near the Parking lot, you will find a few restaurants with delicious Thai food, the prices are low. I suggest you order a bowl of fried rice with chicken and egg (Kao pad Gai Kai Dao in Thai.)

! Directions: from the city of Krabi head South on highway 4 for 38 km to the village of Khlong Tom, continue on route 4038, 4021 and follow the signs.

Ticket: 90 bath
Parking: 20 bath

Ron Khlong Thom Waterfall