Bang Pae waterfall

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08:00 — 18:00

200 THB

100 THB

8°02'21.6"N 98°23'28.8"E
8.039326, 98.391332

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This is the biggest of the 3 best-known waterfalls on Phuket. At the base, there is one pool for swimming. The trail leading to the fall is picturesque and not overly taxing and long.

This place is also a home to the Gibbons Rehabilitation Center established in 1992. The center takes care and rehabilitates rescued, wounded and left without parents monkeys.

Volunteers working at the center deserve great respect. They are always happy to talk about the project and answer questions about gibbons.

You won’t be able to touch or even get close to the monkeys at the center but there is plenty of interesting information posted around. One of the center’s goals is to educate visitors. Next time you are offered to get your picture taken with a baby gibbon on the streets say NO. Most tourists don’t suspect that a gibbon mother is usually gets killed when poachers take a baby gibbon from her.

Directions: from Heroines Monument take highway 4027 and head East for 9 km till you see the sign “Bang Pae Waterfall”, keep driving from the sign for about 1 km.

Bang Pae waterfall