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Langkawi, Malaysia

6°15'25.2"N 99°44'01.2"E
6.256993, 99.733662

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We have included this island because it can be easily reached from Koh Lipe by a high-speed ferry. The ferry operates from Bundhaya Resort on Pattaya Beach twice a day from mid-October to the end of May. The trip takes one hour.
Boat schedule:
Lipe – Langkawi 10:30, 16:30*
Langkawi – Lipe 9:30, 14:30*
A one-way ticket cost 1200 baht for an
adult and 720 baht for a child
*Afternoon departures are only available from October to May.

!Please, make sure that you don’t require a visa to enter Malaysia before the trip. If you overstayed your Thai visa an overstay fine should be paid at an Immigration office in the city of Satun on the mainland prior to departure to Malaysia by ferry.

Once you reach Langkawi take a taxi to Pantai Cenang. That is where most of the hotels are located.

If you want to explore the Island rent a motorbike. It costs anywhere from 300 – 800 Malay Ringgit (approx. 300 – 800 baht) depending on season and size of the engine.

From Phuket South of Thailand

For many people, the word “South” evokes warm feelings and beautiful images. South of Thailand does not disappoint expectations. People living in the South of Thailand are open and easy going.
Everyone knows that migratory birds fly to the South, but not many know that they stop in Thailand. Follow the path of migratory birds, go to the South and you might get a chance to meet them at Thale Noi Waterbird Reserve, place unknown to most. But we will talk about this in due time…

Following provinces and places of interest should be included


Province: Trang | Category: Market, Shopping | Link to this attraction

It is easy to find a market in Thailand. They are everywhere, in cities and often along highways. This makes it really convenient when you are traveling as you don’t need to pack food with you or worry about finding a restaurant in an unfamiliar place. At the market, you can find everything from the main dish to a dessert and of course, fresh fruits.
Naturally, small-towns’ markets are cheaper. We often choose our food by the look and smell and it never failed us. It also makes shopping more interesting.


Phuket Town

7°52'59.2"N 98°23'14.5"E
7.883102, 98.387356

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Phuket Island just like a person has its heart. The heart is as it is supposed to be located on the left side. It is a special place with its unique rhythm, its own characteristics, and its own temper. You should definitely get to know it better.

Many tourists are intimidated that the city has a lot of one-way streets, but traffic is slow, typical to Thai cities. There are plenty of good informative signs and clear street signs that will allow you to quickly find your way around the city.
Now Phuket is a resort area, with its essential parts and trappings – beaches, shops, massage parlors, night bars, bargaining with taxi drivers and everything else. And all these has a past, a beautiful past, where different religions and nationalities were mixed, where there were wars and celebrations, where manual labor prevailed, where the clock on the city tower was a real attraction.

The city is like a museum that can tell you how people used to live work and spend their free time. Have a seat at one of the numerous local eateries and regulars will be happy to share with you some interesting tales.

! The most severe traffic jams are from 17:00 to 19:00.!

Phuket Town