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A symbol of Phattalung province is the Mount Khao Ok Thalu that is 177 m high. If you climb the steps to the top you will see the whole city.

Phatthalung is often mentioned as a birthplace of Manora Dance (you can see it on YouTube), that is very popular in the South of Thailand. It is believed that this style of dance was influenced by South India.


Accommodation in Phatthalung

7°46'45.7"N 100°07'21.7"E
7.779365, 100.122702

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Taweesuk Hotel

The hotel is located on the shore of Thale Noi lake.
In this area, there are just a couple of decent hotels that offer excellent hospitality. A unique feature of every room in this hotel is an embroidered tablecloth with small patterns, such as grandmothers used to make.
Some rooms feature a view of the lake. There are a few restaurants nearby that offer Thai food.

Langkawi, Malaysia

6°15'25.2"N 99°44'01.2"E
6.256993, 99.733662

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We have included this island because it can be easily reached from Koh Lipe by a high-speed ferry. The ferry operates from Bundhaya Resort on Pattaya Beach twice a day from mid-October to the end of May. The trip takes one hour.
Boat schedule:
Lipe – Langkawi 10:30, 16:30*
Langkawi – Lipe 9:30, 14:30*
A one-way ticket cost 1200 baht for an
adult and 720 baht for a child
*Afternoon departures are only available from October to May.

!Please, make sure that you don’t require a visa to enter Malaysia before the trip. If you overstayed your Thai visa an overstay fine should be paid at an Immigration office in the city of Satun on the mainland prior to departure to Malaysia by ferry.

Once you reach Langkawi take a taxi to Pantai Cenang. That is where most of the hotels are located.

If you want to explore the Island rent a motorbike. It costs anywhere from 300 – 800 Malay Ringgit (approx. 300 – 800 baht) depending on season and size of the engine.

Places of interest in Langkawi

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6°17'11.9"N 99°43'48.4"E
6.286636, 99.730105

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Restaurant “Tomato”

In our opinion, a visit to this restaurant is a must in Langkawi. If you come once you will get addicted and will come for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Unquestionably, Malay Roti with meat sauce is the best dish.

Another type of food you should try here is Naan. It is a flatbread cooked on walls of a tandoor, an oven shaped like a barrel. Hot walls of a tandoor allow the bread to stick until it is ready. Naan can be cooked with cheese or chicken.

Try the sweet flatbread, a kind of Roti with condensed milk and hot Malay tea with milk for dessert..

We also recommend Roti Canai, a simple flatbread with chicken sauce; Cheese Naan, a flatbread with cheese cooked in the oven; Roti Susu, a flatbread with condensed milk and hot Malay tea.

Restaurants in Satun

Province: Satun | Category: Restaurant | Link to this attraction

Satun. Muslim restaurant

There are many restaurants, mainly between Pak Bara Pier and hotel Langka. But to truly experience a local cuisine go to where locals eat. That means head to the town where all shops and eateries are located along the only street in town. You can hardly call it a town.
You should try Roti (flat bread) with curry sauce (โรตีน้ำแกง), hot tea with milk (ชาร้อน), sweet Roti (flat bread) (โรตีกรอบ).