Cape Promthep

Province: Phuket | Category: Nature | See full guide


N 7 45.755 E 98 18.313
7.762578880170015, 98.30522418022156

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This place can be called the landmark of Phuket. Whether you come here to enjoy a sunset or to take a few pictures you won’t be disappointed.
There is a working lighthouse on the Cape with a small historical Museum inside. On the way to the lighthouse, you will find a shrine. Thai people believe that such a beautiful place is certainly inhabited by strong spirits. To gain spirits favor or pay respect Thais often bring offerings or gifts to the shrine. You can buy a gift for yourself or your loved ones at a souvenir market located in front of the parking lot.
Most people don’t go beyond the concrete barrier wall. But there is a dirt path leading down that will take you directly to flat stones, gently sloping into the sea.

Cape Promthep